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Rep. Chris Smith (R-N.J.) has written hysterically to the president asking him to withhold funds to UNFPA, UN Family Planning Agency, in his words "because the United Nations is giving 'standing ovations' to forced abortion in China".

In October 2001 an investigative team headed by a former Dutch ambassador looked into this claim and
found no evidence for it. 
The same findings came in April 2002, from official government fact-finding teams from Great Britain and the United States traveling to China.

On the contrary, as a condition for its presence, the United Nations has persuaded the Chinese to drop the one-child policy in the counties where it has programs; and the United Nation's goal is to show the Chinese that family planning can work without coercion. (Washington Post Jan 15th 2002)

Nevertheless based on this mis-information, Bush has placed a hold on funding UNFPA, apparently under pressure from irrational anti-abortion forces. July 2002, President Bush eliminated UNFPA funding for 2002/3, even though Congress approved $34 million for the program  Dec 2001.

Tell your Gov Representatives to ensure UNFPA gets funded. http://www.congress.org/

A crowded entrance to a family planning clinic in India        Photo Benjamin Lozare JHU/CCP
Source Population Connection

There was a press release on Jan 18 2002, issued by an anti-abortion non-profit org., PRI, titled
"UNFPA Supports the Destruction of Homes With Jackhammers, Coercive Abortion And Coercive Sterilization"
This release was generated from a 4 day trip to China, Sep 2001 by PRI. The subsequent fact finding investigations followed in Oct. & Apr found no evidence for PRI's claims.  Whether PRI interviewed Chinese women, from counties where UNFPA operates, remains to be seen.