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We must help these 3rd world countries
We must financially aid 3rd world countries with non-abortive contraception.
Unwanted Pregnancieslearn why

UNFPA makes no contributions towards abortion whatsoever.
But WE say that we must not stand in the way of a clinic's choice to help, when the inevitable contraceptive mistake happens. (Or unwanted pregnancy)
It is then that simply by making the "7- week-after pill" available, during the first trimester, we can solve so many hardships throughout the world (as we have done in the US).

2 out of 3 pregnancies are naturally aborted anyway.
Can a 7-week old, one tenth of an inch, aggregation of cells be called a Human Being?
The USA and other developed countries must provide more aid (which has been cut back, instead of increased). 
Tell your Congressman:

See a World Map of Contraception Use

Although 68 mil people are expected to contract AIDS by 2020 it is small compared to the  to 1 billion population increase.

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