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When you hear the GOP say they're going to "reduce Big Government"

(Most of which they themselves created with Wars and Bailouts from their deregulation errors )

When you hear them say they're going to "protect & strengthen Medicare & Social Security"
When you hear them say that Spending is Out of Control -
They really mean they're going to CUT Social Security, Medicare, Unemployment Benefits and Food Stamps
Instead of:
-- appropriate Taxation of:-
----- the Rich and
----- Corporations hiding earnings offshore
-- cuts to the Military
-- cuts to Subsidies for Agriculture & Oil Corps
Our country is not going broke from
feeding the poor
and caring for the elderly.
It's from all the huge tax cuts to the rich and
Subsidies for their Corporations!

All Republican Tax Plans

Trump's Tax plan would increase the national debt by $12 trillion, fueled by an average annual tax cut of $227,225 for the richest 1 percent of taxpayers.

Rubio's Tax plan would increase the national debt by $11.8 trillion over the next decade, the think tank finds. More than one-third of the plan's tax cuts would flow to the top 1 percent of taxpayers.

Bush's plan would cost $7.1 trillion, with 46 percent of its benefits flowing to the top 1 percent of taxpayers.

Paul's tax plan rough estimate places the total cost at $15 trillion. 

Cruz's Tax plan would add $768 billion to the national debt. The top 1 percent would effectively score a whopping 34.2 percent raise, while the bottom 10 percent of taxpayers would see a 15.3 percent increase.

Ben Carson has suggested moving to an across-the-board flat tax of 10 percent. When pressed on the costs of such a plan during a recent GOP debate, Carson suggested that his plan would have a tax rate "much closer to 15 percent," but has yet to provide further detail.

President Reagan raised taxes to close the budget deficit that opened up after he cut them in 1981.

The effective federal income tax rate paid by the wealthiest Americans has dropped significantly during the last several

" You know, these Tax plans would put us trillions and trillions of dollars in debt.” - John Kasich
And they favor the rich at the expense of the poor who would be waiting forever for it for it to trickle down.




There are 46.7 million people in the US living in poverty, as of 2014, according to the Census Bureau.

Social Security kept 27 million people out of poverty.

How 35 countries compare on child poverty (the U.S. is ranked 34th) 

Nearly 1 in 2 Americans are now living at or near the poverty line. 48 million, representing about a seventh of the American
population now rely on Food Stamps.

Republicans in the House cut the allocation of Food Stamps (by dropping the President's Stimulus of Food Stamps) and also
proposed a Bill that would slash Food Stamps (SNAP) funding by $39 billion over the next 10 years.
People have worked for five decades but still need food stamps to get by.
The benefits provide $134 a month (or $113 a month for people living alone).
Over Nine-Tenths of Entitlement Benefits Go to Elderly, Disabled, or Working Households
Only about 2.6 percent of all wage and salaried workers in the United States are paid at or below federal minimum wage, according to 2013 Bureau of Labor Statistics data. Additionally, 23 states (and some municipalities) have minimum wages higher than the federal minimum wage.

Half of the federal minimum wage increases since 1978 were followed by national job growth .

stagnant U.S. labor costs: wage and benefit rollbacks for the United Auto Workers, which were instituted after General Motors and Chrysler declared bankcrupty in 2009 and recently extended in new contract agreements.

I think God must favor the party that feeds the poor
and cares for the elderly,
rather than huge tax cuts to the rich and
Subsidies for their Corporations!

Obamacare thanks Republicans for the Federal Savings but sends sympathy to the sick folks who dont get it.
Thanks to 20 Republican States -- 4.9 Million Poor, Uninsured, Non-elderly Adults -- Go without Health Insurance

Major Industries, Population size and Demographics are more directly linked to income inequality than the party affiliation of a city’s governor or mayor.

Why poor areas vote for politicians who want to slash the safety net.
The only thing missing is how all these folks are listening, daily, to Fox News, Limbaugh & Hannity tell them how the Welfare System is rife with lazy, cheaters -- so much so that it must be hard for them to believe otherwise.



84% of Republicans get their news from Fox News. What about the rest of America?

50% Dems get it from NPR or CNN

It’s not just Fox, its
--- National Review,
--- Newsmax &
--- World Net Daily
that’s indoctrinating.

----- lowering Unemployment from 10% in his 1st year to 5.4%,
----- Consumer Financial Protection & FINANCIAL REFORM BILL to avert another Crash
----- doubling the value of the stock market,
----- providing 16 million people with health care,
----- reducing health care inflation to its lowest level in 50 years,
----- doubling the production of clean energy,
----- decreasing the “pace” of carbon emissions,
----- ending the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan,
among others.

predictions about Obamacare killing jobs have turned out to be patently false



Every year in the U.S., an average of more than 100,000 people are shot.

100,000 (hundred thousand) Americans are killed or wounded with guns every year.

45% of the guns purchased in the United States are bought from private sellers at gun shows, or through other private
exchanges, such as classified ads, which fall under what is known as the “gun-show loophole” and are thus unregulated.

Requiring mandatory background checks on all purchasers at gun shows is favored not only by 85% of gun owners who are not
members of the N.R.A. but also by 69% of gun owners who are.

As of September 2015 only 18 states & D.C. require background checks for some (or all) private firearm sales.

the difference between an eighteenth-century musket and the gun that George Zimmerman was carrying is the difference between
the first Personal computer weighing twenty-four pounds and an iPhone.


Of America's Discretionary Spending - 54% is on the Military


Ben Carson Caught Selling "Magical" Tree Bark as a Cure for Cancer

Donald Trump Claims That Ben Carson Has A “Pathological Disease”

Without Immigrant Labor, the US Economy Would Crumble. Many Americans don’t want the jobs immigrants are willing to do, 

A large body of mainstream research has found that immigrants of all types generate new economic activity that typically enlarges GDP. The impact on most workers is negligible. Helping the working poor gain better skills and become more mobile would probably help boost their earnings a lot more than vilifying immigrants.

Bernie Sanders 2003 Alan Greenspan gets a Reality Check from Bernie Sanders

O'REILLY MAKES A MESS OF HISTORY -- All his books need to go in the FICTION section.


Scientific consensus: Climate is warming from man-made change.

All the more reason why we must get away from FOSSIL FUELS
Don't let the Environmental Summit, Dec 2015 Paris, be another Crime Scene:
----- An immediate Moratorium on the Exploration for new reserves.
----- Define a Global LIMIT for the extraction of fossil fuels from existing reserves, with an end date and schedule for every
coal, oil, and gas LOCATION. Meanwhile prioritize on locations where production is cheapest.
----- Make Laws for Monitoring and Enforcement which must include extreme penalties on those corporations and countries that
don't comply.
----- Abolish all Fossil Fuel Corporate SUBSIDIES and apply them to RENEWABLES Incentives.
----- Put a FLOOR on the price of Gasoline before crude reaches $20 a barrel.

Cruz lies again! Keystone Pipeline would have created as few as 50 Permanent Jobs !

Obama Has Done More for Clean Energy Than You Think
"utility-scale solar photovoltaic plants like Agua Caliente and Antelope Valley helped render obsolete solar thermal power
plants like Ivanpah and Solana as silicon technology improved dramatically and costs dropped "

the so-called global warming “hiatus” (also known as the “pause” or “slowdown”) did not actually occur.


Let's empower our children by encouraging them to hold themselves responsible for everything that happens to them (with few
exceptions), instead of:
- using religion as a crutch
- praying, in the belief that a god will obviate their need to control their own life
- believing that he has their life path preordained. If we don't understand that good happens because we make it happen (not because we pray for it) then good will not happen nearly as often.