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"Freedom" Caucus as of March 2017 including:

Mark Meadows of North Carolina, Chairman, 2017–present [32] [31]

Justin Amash of Michigan [32]

Brian Babin of Texas [33]

Rod Blum of Iowa [33]

Dave Brat of Virginia [34]

Jim Bridenstine  of Oklahoma [35]

Mo Brooks of Alabama [36] [37]

Ken Buck of Colorado [38]

Warren Davidson of Ohio [39]

Ron DeSantis of Florida [32]

Scott DesJarlais of Tennessee [40]

Jeff Duncan of South Carolina [41]

Trent Franks of Arizona [38]

Tom Garrett Jr. of Virginia [42]

Paul Gosar of Arizona[43]

Morgan Griffith of Virginia [4]

Andy Harris of Maryland [33]

Jody Hice of Georgia [44]

Jim Jordan of Ohio, [32] Chairman, 2015–2017 [45]

Raúl Labrador of Idaho [32]

Alex Mooney of West Virginia [33]

Thomas Massie of Kentucky [46]

Gary Palmer of Alabama [35]

Steve Pearce of New Mexico [38]

Scott Perry of Pennsylvania [33]

Bill Posey of Florida [33]

Mark Sanford of South Carolina [33]

David Schweikert of Arizona [38]

Randy Weber of Texas [47]

Ted Yoho of Florida [47]


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