Investigations of Republican Propaganda Mills

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Featured Investigations of the Center for Media and Democracy (CMD)

ALEC Says “Strike!” Just Do It Without Unions

The American Legislative Exchange Council has gone on the record as supporting the right of workers to bargain collectively, and even strike, for better working conditions — as long as they do it without a union.


DonorsTrust Bankrolled Right-Wing Judicial Appointments, Trump’s Acting AG, and Lobbying Front Groups in 2017

The Koch network’s favorite piggy bank DonorsTrust and its sister organization Donors Capital Fund doled out $114.2 million in grants in 2017.

Howard Buffett’s Border War

A billionaire’s son is spending millions in Cochise County.





Billionaire Eli Broad Takes Public Education Private

Eli Broad is one of several mega-billionaires who have spent hundreds of millions on education think tank research and charter schools, shaping current trends in what they call education reform.



ALEC-Backed Legislators Behind Suppressing Vote

The U.S. Supreme Court decision to support North Dakota’s voter ID laws eliminating the use of postal addresses on identification cards was only a nail in the voting coffin.