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Is protest broken? Disruptive tactics have failed to halt the rise of Donald Trump.
Movements ranging from Black Lives Matter to Environmentalism are leaving activists frustrated.
Meanwhile, recent years have witnessed the largest protests in human history. Yet these mass mobilizations no longer change society.
Now activism is at a crossroads: innovation or irrelevance. Read END OF PROTEST

Ralph Nadar has the PLAN -- the book: "Action for a Change "

One representative from the Sierra Club acted as a catalyst and facilitator to inspire local action against a Coal Polluter.
Train leaders to go to the FRONT LINES ( which won't be in California but will be in SWING STATES )

Here's a Parody Ad – that ran on Fox News –that Turns Trump Campaign Rhetoric on Its Head --
 (Scheduled to run between 7 a.m. and 7:30 a.m. EST during “Fox & Friends,” the AD likely was be seen by millions of Republican Voters)
Let's see if another Democratic Organization can reach Trump supporters when 84% of Republicans get their news from Fox News.

When the Republicans took power in 2004 the first thing they did was to reward the Banks who financed them with a Bankruptcy Bill --
(to allow banks to hound you till your death if you don't file for Bankruptcy by selling your house first).

Were there any ADs on TV in the Swing States telling voters of this ? No!
Don't wait till 3 months before the next election.
How do we show Republicans in these
Swing States the repressive Bills and acts in Congress (and Committee),
that are against their interest,  -- as they happen! And don't wait till 3 months before the Election.

Somebody needs to be rebutting FOX LIES. Republican Voters are not watching MSNBC so it needs to be TV ADS in Swing States especially!

More than a how-to manual for organizers, NO SHORTCUTS is how to build working-class power.
A dozen case studies of Unions and Social Movements seeking to effect change

Before you post that anti-Trump image or clever biting remark -- think this  -- will this help to turn the opinion of Republicans? Would it be better to just explain the facts that make that opinion wrong ?  

My first local Democratic Committee Monthly Meeting 2017 Thurs Feb 2nd 7pm

I met  a couple of women ( probably in their 50's - 60's ) whilst waiting outside for the key carrier to open the door to the meeting hall. In so many words we exchanged that it was our first meeting and how much we wanted to DO SOMETHING.

We piled in to a room where every chair was eventually occupied and some of the audience were left standing. A packed room full of new faces (they said). Full of Women's Marchers and motivated Action Seekers , no doubt, attending their first ever Democratic Party Meeting. 

The 4 Leaders sat at  a table in front of us. The meeting started with some technicalities to do with the Minutes of previous meetings that needed to be seconded by Members.   It seemed to be a somewhat pedantic exercise.

The leader (who was a veteran Democrat and ex-Union Leader , ex-City Councilor and had almost been a County Supervisor,) welcomed us and gave a good overview of ways of participating in the organization. This included the difference between having a vote and not. Something to do with being an ASSOCIATE or an AGENT. There were various Projects one could be a part of ( I think they were called) the one that struck my attention was on "Issues ... "  ( I can't remember the rest. ) 

There were several SUB-COMMITTEES one could join. I can't remember any of these but I hope the website ( which was down from having been hacked) will list everything that I should have taken notes on.