Dangers Solution

Dangers Solution

Dangers Solution


EVERY MINUTE bullet146 women become pregnant who did not plan or wish it
bullet90 women experience a pregnancy-related complication;
bullet35 women have an unsafe abortion;
bullet9 people are newly infected with HIV/AIDS;
bullet1 woman dies from a pregnancy-related cause.

By 2050 Population in Undeveloped countries will have increased by more than 3 billion
US Funding for the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) would have been $84 million in 2002-03. Now its 2010 and there still has been no funding.
$84 mil. would have been a paltry sum and totally inadequate anyway.

Unwanted Pregnancies

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Now it’s projected to be 9.6 billion in 2050.  By 2100, according to the latest projections, the number of people on the planet will hit 10.9 billion!

Charitable Giving one-to-one

Oct 3rd 2008 - USAID stops providing contraceptives to a world leading Charity.

State of the World's Population 2004

Gag Rule stops AIDS funding
Global Gag Rule Blamed for Abortion Deaths in Ethiopia

Vatican Defends Anti-Condom Stance

Nov 19th 2003, UNFPA Presence in China Reduces Coercion in Family Planning
But after reluctantly signing the bill into law, Bush unexpectedly stopped payment on the money, under pressure from anti-abortion forces, even although a repeal of the Gag Rule was dropped from the Bill. This bill is still in limbo August 18, 2016.

Let us prevent far more suffering by financing FULL Family Planning. Let us avert the possible AIDS contraction by those 200 million unwanted children.

Denial of this funding will cost thousands of women their lives ( and caused 2 million unwanted pregnancies in the year 2003 alone ).

In trying to reward the anti-abortionist's for their votes,the White House has chosen a course that will mean many MORE backstreet abortions. (like the 400,000 they caused between 1995-2000 from unfunding Family Planning)
201 million women in low-income countries would use safe, effective contraceptive methods but such methods are not available to such women, including 25 percent of married women in sub-Saharan Africa.
If these women had access to reliable family planning services, approximately 52 million unplanned pregnancies would be avoided in the developing world every year, resulting in 23 million unplanned births, 22 million induced abortions, 7 million spontaneous abortions, 1.4 million infant deaths, 142,000 pregnancy-related deaths, and 505,000 children from losing their mothers.

Meanwhile the Netherlands (of all countries) pledged $50.3 million. Their contribution accounts for some 19 per cent of UNFPA’s mere $256 mil general resources. For the past several years, UNFPA official development assistance has dropped significantly.

  At the International Conference on Population and Development, governments estimated that basic reproductive health services, including family planning, prevention of sexually transmitted diseases, and population research and policy formulation would require funds  of  $17 -21  billion  per year

Contact your representatives:
80 million pregnancies each year are unplanned. 
Over 350 million women do not have access to a full range of safe and effective contraceptive methods.
Over 52 million women in Africa, Asia and Latin America deliver their babies each year without a nurse, midwife or doctor present. Some 514,000 women die each year during or after pregnancy because they did not receive prompt treatment, and at least 7 million women suffer infection or injury. More than 330 million people are infected with a sexually transmitted disease each year. Half of all new HIV infections occur in young people under age 25.
Avert the possible contraction of AIDS by 450 million unwanted children (born 2000-2020). Finance FULL Family Planning.
Apr 30th 2003, Bush, on the $15 billion AIDS aid: "When we see this kind of preventable suffering. When we see a plague leaving graves and orphans across a continent, we must act". But George, don't you know that whilst AIDS will be contracted by 28 million between 2000 & 2020, unwanted births will be over 200 million ? There's your "preventable suffering". No kudos to Bush on allowing condom distribution, the reality is that the legislation requires both financial and physical separation of AIDS prevention work and family-planning work. This would require TWO clinics in every community, not a likely possibility in a poor village!
In April 2002, official government fact-finding teams from Great Britain and the United States traveled to China and found "no evidence that the UN fund has knowingly supported or participated in the management of a program of "coercive abortion or involuntary sterilization" in China."
In fact the Chinese Government, has agreed to lift acceptor targets and birth quotas in the areas where UNFPA is working.
But  Powell said China was the reason he "must" deny aid to every country that is served by the fund, despite the State Department's own investigator's findings of UNFPA's non-involvement in China's One-Child policy.

Of the deprived children, born as a result of Bush's mis-calculated  policy, how many might become anti-American Terrorists?
 This unnecessary increase in 3rd-world population will occur despite causing a similar 77,000 increase in infant deaths as in 2003.
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