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Every home will have Solar Panels and a Wind Turbine on its roof.
ENERGY DENSITY will be 10 times more than it is today. ( A Berkeley  company is manufacturing  these batteries right now). Thus every single family home will be generating more electricity than consumed.

Charging the electric car every night.
( Using this excess electricity to indirectly manufacture these Solar Panels, Wind Turbines and Batteries).

Home insulation will become irrelevant.  

Solar panels and wind turbines on the roof of a multi-family apartment building can never be enough to meet the needs of the multi-families below and will not be ENERGY COST EFFICIENT.
But Single-family houses will be net ENERGY PRODUCERS --  when multi-family cannot.


Water will be stored and re-processed for reuse and for (not so greywater) irrigation.

Solid human waste and previously un-processable waste will be locally processed and put back into the ground (remember  - with excess energy all things are possible) . We will no longer be wasting so much water to "flush it" to sewage treatment. ( 1. more research needed). Composting's methane emission - not necessarily being a better option. 

This is yet another reason why the single-family detached home, with a garden, is the way of the future for CARBON SEQUESTRATION and WATER RECYCLING & STORAGE as well as ENERGY EFFICIENCY.
(Garden and roof enables drinkable rain Water Capture and storage tanks.)

(2-way Satellite Internet will then allow homes to be totally OFF THE GRID and can be built anywhere.)


Retail outlets like Best Buy2 (which is going bust right now) and even clothing and general goods retailers could be replaced by independent showrooms instead - charging admission with online purchase credits. Purchases made in these showrooms could be delivered to your door on a subsequent day. Most businesses will be online except for food, restaurants, entertainment and a few others. Deliveries being made in electric trucks.
All kinds of different businesses will share showrooms and strategically placed warehouses (to increase delivery efficiency).

Commuting will only be to these kind of jobs in businesses that do not sell much online and to
manufacturing (which will continue to become more robotic).
Telecommuting will be the norm.


bulletMake land available for MANUFACTURED (AFFORDABLE) single-family housing  
-- otherwise building multi-family, will create energy slums - a liability.
   Living with your own energy producing roof and conserving garden will be,
          not only cheaper,  -- but a source of income. 
          And also be  "SAVE THE PLANET NECESSARY".
bulletKeep and add to the RENEWABLE ENERGY SUBSIDIES. Lets divert money from otherwise wasted $'s on PLAN BAY AREA transit and dense residential.
bulletRecompense for residential excess energy production so we can have finance companies invest in energy installations on residential roof tops - now.


bulletpeople will NOT continue to use their cars for most trips, when they will.
bulletit is better to raise children on condominium balconies (next to freeway noise and pollution) than with gardens.
bulletherding millions into densely packed urban corridors won't make traffic even worse.
bulletcan increase transit's share of travel to more than a measly 4% (from its current tiny 2%) when they can't. 
bulletreduce per-capita emission of greenhouse gases ( mandated by CA Senate Bill 375) when it will increase it.

2018 STUDY: The health savings from reduced air pollution could be between 1.4-2.5 times greater than the costs of climate change mitigation, globally.

Citi report: slowing global warming would save tens of trillions of dollars

India -- 100 gigawatts of solar in 5 years

Worldwide Fossil Reserves that must remain buried

The coming era of unlimited — and free — clean Renewable Energy

None of the world’s top industries would be profitable if they paid the
 Environmental Cost !

Suburban sprawl to power cities of the future 2013 University of Auckland  

What it takes for the World to be only powered RENEWABLE

The deleted EPA Climate Change webpages

Heritage Foundation's anti Climate Change

How will U.S. Utilities Survive?

Myths and Realities about
Wind, Water and Sun  versus Fossil Fuels


U.S. Residential Solar Just Beat Commercial Installations For The First Time

EPA's Clean Power Plan is feasible

NOTE: In California there is no need for the sloping roof!
Energy Storage Systems

1. In Japan there are 1800 treatment centres
to which human waste is delivered by vacuum
powered trucks from households in much the same
way that septic tanks are emptied. Research will produce a family sized alternative.

 No-Mix Vacuum toilet uses suction to reduce water use by 90%, and to gather solid and liquid waste separately. The liquid waste is used for fertilizers, while the solid is sent to a bioreactor and converted to electricity. All in a flush.

Using sludge from a wastewater treatment plant, the researchers are extracting lipids using heat, which can be converted to biodiesel. Since sewage sludge is plentiful, the process is much cheaper than converting vegetable oils to biofuels.  power from sewage sludge

A town has transformed their sewage treatment plant into a renewable biofuel mega system called All-gas. The sewage flushed by citizens will combine with sunlight and algae, to make biofuel that will run a fleet of 200 cars owned by the town.

Since breaking down corn stalks and grasses for biofuel requires removing lignin and breaking down cellulose, the process can be expensive and complicated to perform. Scientists have discovered that these processes happen naturally in horse manure, thanks to an enzyme living in fungi that thrives within it. That said, using horse poop for biofuel production is exponentially easier, and cheaper than other sources.

Pristine water -- from the toilet? Silicon Valley to begin extensive use of recycled water this fall:
Engineers say it's possible to purify sewage water until it's cleaner than much of what residents drink today.

Malmo, Sweden Carbon Neutral - organic waste powers buses
GRID ALTERNATIVES - bringing Single-Family Affordable Solar Homes to  low-income families

Nanoball Batteries Could Charge Electric Cars in 5 Minutes
Battery News

Recycling Reinvented

California Declares War on Suburbia  
by a Transportation Consultant
 ( and More attacks on road development)

  Electric Vehicles Sell Power Back to the Grid

  Installing and Maintaining a Small Wind Electric System

With the existing subsidies from Federal, State and another -- the Honeywell Wind turbine will pay for itself in 12-36 months. With wind speeds as low as 2mph.

Directory:Vertical Axis Wind Turbines

London, UK  February noon, the highest solar radiation was 213 Watts per square metre. (Source: the weather station atop the physics department at Imperial College London) so one square metre solar panel on a roof, that is the most it could ever generate: but solar photovoltaic panels are not 100% efficient; they don't convert all the incident solar energy to electricity. The best is around 30% that's only 64W. Not even enough to power a laptop,  and 1 square metre is hardly small. In August the peak is 3 times more. ( the average of the entire day would also be significantly smaller.)

a 2.5kW wind turbine, costs $12,650 without subsidies. the Database of State Incentives for Renewables & Efficiency.

2. Best Buy has added store-within-a-store partnerships with Microsoft and Samsung to its existing deal with Apple. "the only place you can come in and see and touch all the different products and get the customer service"

$20K House

The same amount of greenhouse gas from all the world's cars, planes, boats & trains is emitted by cows, ( + sheep, pigs & chicken)

Why did Air-Surface temperature flatten 1999-2012 ? 

 What Determines Earth’s Climate?

UN Report on Transportation in 2050

the Koch Brothers' Toxic Empire

2014: Bird Deaths --10,000 times more deaths from Cats than from Wind Turbines.