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3rd World Overpopulation viruses threaten US
Poor nutrition leads to mutations that create more dangerous forms of the influenza virus and may contribute to newly virulent outbreaks of viral epidemics ranging from the common cold to AIDS and Ebola fever.  Populations not well-fed will infect US. These more virulent viral strains will affect the healthy populations as well as the malnutritioned.
Pollution in Africa is swept clean across the Atlantic and can be detected in South America.
The oxygen we're breathing now is, to a great extent, emitted by tropical forests in Brazil. The same tropical forests that are being cut down by an area the size of Rhode Island - every day! Cut down to provide grazing for only a few years - after which the land will become too sterile and eroded for future grazing.

In the next 50 years, if nothing is done about it, there will be 3 - 6 billion more people on this earth, not in the USA, Europe or Russia, but in Asia & Oceania, South America and Africa (Africa has the highest rate of growth, 5 children per family)  (Industrial countries' population is now decreasing)
1/3 of the population of Botswana has AIDS. Don't think they'll suffer alone, don't think it wont find its way back here again
Disease, Pollution, lack of essential resources and raw material will  threaten our children, for sure, if nothing is done about it now. So what can we do about it? A Solution

Between 1995 and 2000,  more than 300 million, one quarter of the world's  pregnancies were unintended. 
Contributing to this was a
steep drop in worldwide funds from the United States (resulting in the deaths of nearly 700,000 women between 1995 and 2000). 
While more than one-third died from problems associated with pregnancy, labor and delivery, the majority - over 400,000 - died as a result of complications resulting from abortions carried out in unsafe, unsanitary and often illegal conditions.
"Most of these unintended pregnancies and needless deaths could have been prevented had basic reproductive health services been made available to these women.
Providing women with the means to plan, prevent or space their next pregnancy can be done with modest resources.
Where women have little or no access to simple and reliable methods of contraception, an unintended pregnancy often leads to the decision to have an abortion.

The world's 1.3 billion women between the ages of 15 and 45 experienced a total of more than 1.2 billion pregnancies, 1995-2000.
Over the next decade, 600 million girls will become adolescents. 
It will be 250 million MORE girl adolescents per decade than it should be (thanks to the 25 million per year unintended girl pregnancies, above).

This issue makes Global Warming and Nuclear/Chemical Attack pale into relative insignificance especially when measuring the direct saving (in lives, suffering and FUTURE THREATS)  -  Family Planning can make per $ spent.
Dont think our children will not eventually be affected by a possible "LAST REVOLUTION" - A World Revolution of the 87% of the world's population who will be in poverty by 2050 (and will have little to lose by terrorizing us).
Write and email your government representative.  Tell them to have UNFPA funded IMMEDIATLEY.
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