UNFPA programs in China

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The only programs sponsored by UNFPA in China are listed below.

So you can see that, if anything, UNFPA is encouraging China AWAY from any One-Child Policy.
Believe the fact-finding teams and tell Bush how he has caused MORE backstreet abortions by his actions. What about the 141 other countries' women and children suffering as a result of Bush's mis-calculation?


Reproductive Health/Family Planning Project (32 counties)
This project -- the largest of the four ($US 14 million) -- is executed by the Government, Marie Stopes International (a non-governmental organization from the United Kingdom) and UNFPA.

Activities completed so far include a baseline reproductive health survey, needs assessments, orientation meetings, study tours, and information, education and communication (IEC) activities. The main part of the project is being implemented throughout 32 counties in 22 provinces. The Chinese Government, while still pursuing China’s overall national demographic targets, has agreed to lift acceptor targets and birth quotas in these areas.

The project seeks to establish a client-oriented reproductive health approach, which will provide a wide range of quality health services, encompassing maternal health care; the treatment of reproductive tract infections and sexually transmitted infections; and extensive family planning services, making available a broad range of contraceptive methods. As part of the RH/FP project, two pilot projects which deal with adolescent reproductive health and social marketing are being undertaken in urban areas.

Under the current RH/FP project, the China Family Planning Association (CFPA) is subcontracted to implement one pilot project in adolescent reproductive health, with the aim of improving access to RH/FP information and services for young people. The project is being implemented in one district each in Beijing and Shanghai. Following several focus group discussions with young people to obtain information about their reproductive concerns, behaviour and needs, adolescent-friendly programmes and services will be established in response to their needs. The project will include the development of special providers’ skills to communicate with young people and the adjustment of service environments to create a comfortable setting.

Women's Empowerment through Improving Reproductive Health and
Development of Micro-Enterprise (15 counties)

The women's empowerment project aims at contributing to the improvement of women's economic status and gender equality, the increased utilization of RH/FP services and the provision of information to promote responsible reproductive behaviour. In this project, 15,000 rural women in 30 townships of 13 provinces will be given access to credit as well as improved reproductive health services. The executing agencies are the Department of International Trade and Economy/ Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation (DITEA/MOFTEC), the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) and UNFPA. Project implementation started in June 1999.

Advocacy Project
The advocacy project focuses on advocacy for client-centred reproductive health, esteem of the girl child, male involvement and adolescent reproductive health. It is implemented in the same 15 counties as the women's empowerment project.

South-South Collaboration
This South-South Collaboration project is designed to assist Chinese institutions in promoting the sharing of reproductive health experience with cooperating countries, in applying improved skills and institutional capacities for operationalizing reproductive health, and in utilizing improved knowledge and understanding of reproductive health issues and problems, in terms of the development and implementation of effective reproductive health programmes.

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